A versatile package for high-grade projects. The same great send-receive experience, with added long-term ‘distribute’ functionality and tight controls on intellectual property sharing.

Price from £15 per month, per subscriber

MX Distribute (Premium Feature)

A mechanism for version control and releasing updates.

MX Distribute allows you to efficiently release software updates and data packages to a supply chain or large changing audience, without reuploading for new recipients. Monitor the uptake of your update, safe in the knowledge that users can only ever access the latest version.

Forward Data. (Premium Feature)

Get data to everyone who needs it and retain full control.

Need to copy someone else in? Simply access the transaction again, and add new recipients.

This is no email chain. MX forwarding is built around security and accountability. All forwarding activity is tracked, and must be enabled by the original sender.

MX Conversations. (Premium Feature)

A data-centric chat tool with a purpose.

  • Send data and discuss it with recipients in the same tool
  • Clarify details, timescale, project intentions and more
  • Discussions are paired with their data packages in searchable activity logs

Conversations maintains clear boundaries between transactions so vital details are not buried. Share a file, and use the transaction’s conversation to align stakeholders.

Linked transactions. (Premium Feature)

Connect related transactions and conversations.

Unlike other chat tools, an MX Conversation does not allow a second file to be sent in reply. 

Linked Transaction allows you to reply with another transaction which is connected to the first but retains its own identity.

There's more...

What else is included in MX Business Premium?​

Blacklisted file extensions
Your MX admin can blacklist specific file extensions at an organisational level, to ensure compliance or even filter out malicious extensions when complex folder structures are shared.

Address book management
Expand your user-base at the touch of a button, and enrol your stakeholders to exchange data.

Enhanced reporting
The pro plan’s personal activity tracking upgraded to give you oversight of a team, or even an organisation’s data exchange. Search and filter to learn what was sent to whom, and when.

Custom branding
Add a touch of your organisation’s branding to your MX environment.

Enhanced live-chat support
Benefit from faster response times when you need support.

Platform Integrations
Allow MX to integrate with another application used by your organisation (other than enerjyhub). Get in touch to discuss a specific integration.

Approval workflow – coming soon
Watch this space for a new feature to enhance your control over intellectual property.


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