MX fits the ‘light is right’ approach to engineering

Lotus builds some of the world’s best respected, and highest performing sports cars. Alongside the benchmark Evora 400, the iconic Elise, the revered Exige and the hypercar humbling 3-Eleven all deliver a pure, exhilarating drive. Lotus’ approach continues to provide a pure, undiluted driving experience and the latest models perfectly illustrate the Lotus approach to “light is right” engineering.

Putting MX through its paces

As a leading British manufacturer of sports and racing cars, Lotus have been at the forefront of the automotive industry’s surge forward in technology. However, it’s a tough task to connect their complex supply-chain together, in a safe and secure way. To achieve the next generation of exchange and collaboration, Lotus had been looking to replace their clunky data-exchange provider and were offered to benchmark our MX system for security and speed to ensure it complied with their demands.

After putting MX through its paces with some benchmarking and testing, Lotus quickly saw how MX can be beneficial to themselves, and their supply-chain, by saving time, cutting costs and creating an environment that encourages collaboration.


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