• Automotive

    Built by industry experts - start managing your complex supply-chain and protect your IP, all with traceable audit logs.

  • Aerospace

    When security is paramount, trust MX to deliver your sensitive data through its enterprise-grade data distribution environment.

  • Architectural

    Manage all of your designs with internal and external teams, complete with customisable transactions and one-click reporting.

  •  Manufacturing

    Trace your supply-chain from conception to production. Ensure your IP is protected, and your workforce efficient.

  •  Media & Entertainment

    In an industry where big data is critical, the ability and to access it quickly and securely is of utmost importance.

  •  Education

    Teachers, students and administrators all exchange data with one another. Create an effective education network with MX.

  •  Healthcare

    If you're in charge of vast precious data regarding personal health, exchanging and safeguarding is imperative.

MX is currently used in over 60 countries,
across 700 cities throughout the globe.

Prodrive logo

“Technology is enabling us to pull together the product design and manufacturing design aspects of the business. The experts at Majenta Solutions went beyond what you’d expect from a technical support supplier and with their assistance we are working together more efficiently to provide a better service for our customers. MX is extremely easy to use and the dashboard documenting recent activity was popular with [our] users at Prodrive. Overall it has a very good look and feel. ”

Enrique Goddard, Support Specialist of Prodrive

Envisage logo

“We are able to transfer data to any customer or partner with ease due to its simple enrollment and invitation system. MX hugely benefits us as it allows practically anyone to send or receive data within the business without a lengthy registration system. Also being able to monitor users and a live data register really helps. I would highly recommend MX to anyone looking to send and receive secure data quickly and efficiently."

Daniel Francis, Project Engineer at Envisage Group

Eaton logo

"As I [system administrator] have a global view of every piece of information that has been sent and received, I can check that everything is moving along fine. For example, if a member of the team is away I can monitor all the relevant notifications and we always get an automated message from the system if data has not been downloaded. This permanent record of exactly who has done what is particularly helpful. Prior to MX we had to chase suppliers up to ensure that they had downloaded any data we sent them.”

Ian Blundell, Senior Engineer of EATON

M-Tec logo

"MX has become an intrinsic continuation of our quality procedures. Our CAD designers now confer with lead engineers who critique models and confirm data. All members of our team take responsibility for delivering to our customers so CAD designers and lead engineers alike can raise a data transfer request. We then have a primary designated user who acts as a gatekeeper with an overview of data flowing in and out of the company. MX is not only a streamlined and highly efficient platform with global availability, it delivers high performance data movement tracking and so our IT Manager always has reliable, up to date details of the files being sent or received. On average we send and receive between 20 and 40 files a day, which is a clear indication of how key MX is to our business.

Stephen Hanson, Engineering and Programme Director of M-TEC

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