• How long is data stored?

    Data is stored until either an expiry date is reached, or a specified number of downloads performed.

  • What if I want to extend the life of the transaction?

    Your administrator can add more downloads or extend the expiry date, providing additional – but controlled – flexibility.

  • Can I use our account to work with other companies?

    Of course! With your own MX account, your administrator can add internal colleagues or external organisations in a few clicks, keeping all of your data exchange.

  • What about the history of the transaction?

    Although the uploaded data is deleted after a specified period, a full record of what was sent, to whom and whether it was downloaded or not is maintained.

  • One of my customers already uses MX, what does that mean to me?

    Your MX access is tied to your email address, so you can work easily across multiple MX customers.

  • How easy is it to add new users?

    With just an email address and company name, your new user(s) will receive an email asking them to complete their registration.

  • I have access to multiple networks, is all of my activity in visible to everyone across my accounts?

    No, activity is specific to the company that you are dealing with. Your activity can only be seen by you and the administrator of that particular MX host.

  • What if I am not sending engineering data?

    MX has been optimised for engineering data exchange, with the emphasis on (a) a closed address book, (b) large data performance and (c) robust audit history. That approach supports any scenario where control and history is important.

  • How easy is it to remove users?

    You can prevent access to data using the Revoke button, but if you want to permanently delete a user, this can be carried out in just a few clicks. All of the history of their activity is of course retained.

  • Are there automatic email notifications?

    Yes, emails are sent to both the initiator and recipient(s) to confirm data has been uploaded, downloaded or about to expire.

  • Can external users see each other?

    No, only the paying customer(?) can see every user. Users are unaware of each other when data is sent to multiple recipients.

  • Will you need to come on site to install MX?

    No, MX runs purely on a web browser and does not require any installation to use. Feature updates and maintenance are carried out OTA, so you’ll never see any interruption in your service.

  • How many admins can you have on an account?

    There is no limit to the amount of administrators you can have within your secure network, you may decide to have only internal admins, or an admin for each external organisation – it’s entirely up to you.