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MX Business Pro

£7 per month, per subscriber

  • Send any file size or type
  • Unlimited transactions
  • Revokable users/transactions
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Delivery notifications
  • Live chat support

MX Business Premium

£15 per month, per subscriber

  • Everything in Business Pro
  • MX Distribute
  • MX Conversations
  • Linked Transactions
  • Forwarding
  • Enhanced reporting
  • Blacklisted file extensions
  • Address book management
  • Enhanced live chat support
  • Custom Branding
  • Platform integrations / API Access


£30 per month, per subscriber

  • Everything in Business Premium
  • Data Anonymised into unrecognisable format
  • Data Sharded, sent and stored in geographically separate locations
  • Data Restored on download
  • Transferred data has 'perfect secrecy' due to patented technology
  • Configurable to protect data sovereignty

MX Business Premium - The same great send-receive experience with more features for better data sharing.

MX Distribute

A mechanism for version control and releasing updates. MX Distribute allows you to efficiently release software updates and data packages to a supply chain or large changing audience, without reuploading for new recipients.

MX Conversations

A data-centric chat tool with a purpose. Send data and discuss it with recipients in the same tool​. Clarify details, timescale, project intentions and more​. Discussions are paired with their data packages in searchable activity logs.

Linked Transactions

Connect related transactions and conversations. A Linked Transaction allows you to reply with another transaction which is connected to the first but retains its own identity.

Forward Data

Get data to everyone who needs it and retain full control. This is no email chain. MX forwarding is built around security and accountability. All forwarding activity is tracked, and must be enabled by the original sender.

Full Audit Trail

The pro plan’s personal activity tracking upgraded to give you oversight of a team, or even an organisation’s data exchange. Search and filter to learn what was sent to whom, and when.

​Blacklisted file extensions

Your MX admin can blacklist specific file extensions at an organisational level, to ensure compliance or even filter out malicious extensions when complex folder structures are shared.

Thousands of businesses (and counting) use MX.

We had full confidence that this was the tool for our needs, and our business team have implemented MX as our standard process for exchanging data with external partners. On the strength of recent experience I would recommend Majenta to anyone considering MX for Data Exchange.

David Janeček, Senior EIT Specialist, Varroc Lighting Systems

The experts at Majenta Solutions went beyond what you’d expect from a technical support supplier and with their assistance, we are working together more efficiently to provide a better service for our customers. MX is extremely easy to use and the dashboard documenting recent activity was popular with our users at Prodrive. Overall it has a very good look and feel.


Enrique Goddard, Support Specialist, Prodrive

With secure 256-bit encryption, fast data transmission and the added advantage of no third party software to install and manage, MX is exactly what we need,” says Hanson. “With an internet connection, we can use it anywhere in the world.


Stephen Hanson, Engineering and Programme Director, M-TEC Group

We are able to transfer data to any customer or partner with ease due to its simple enrolment and invitation system. MX hugely benefits us as it allows practically anyone to send or receive data within the business without a lengthy registration system. Also being able to monitor users and a live data register really helps. I would highly recommend MX to anyone looking to send and receive secure data quickly and efficiently.

Daniel Francis, Project Engineer, Envisage Group

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