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Cookie Policy

🍪 My MX Data: Our Cookie Policy

Because who doesn’t love cookies? The kind that makes your online journey smoother, of course.

What are Cookies?

Just like the tasty treats everyone loves, our digital cookies are small bits of data that are stored on your device when you visit our website. These cookie crumbles make it possible for us to improve your user experience, analyse website traffic, and offer a more personalised service.

What Cookies do We Use?

My MX Data, which is owned by the parent company, Majenta Solutions Ltd (Company No: 3056978), uses the following cookies:

  1. Loftloader Pro Cookies (loftloader_pro_once_per_session_visited & wordpress-loftloader_pro_session)
    • These cookies are set for the duration of your session and are used to provide a seamless user experience on our website.
  2. Google Analytics Cookies (_ga, _gid, _gat_gtag_UA_*, _ga_*)
    • These cookies are used to collect information about how visitors use our website. They allow us to calculate visitor, session, and campaign data, track site usage for the site’s analytics report, and store and count page views.
  3. Youtube Cookies (YSC, VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE, CONSENT, yt.innertube::requests, yt.innertube::nextId)
    • These cookies are set by Youtube to track the views of embedded videos on our site, determine whether the user gets the new or old player interface, and register anonymous statistical data.
  4. CookieYes Consent Cookie (cookieyes-consent)
    • This cookie is used to remember your consent preferences for our website’s cookies to provide a consistent experience across sessions.
  5. Stripe Cookies (m, __stripe_mid, __stripe_sid)
    • These cookies are set by Stripe to enable payment processing on our website.
  6. Intercom Cookies (intercom-id-ttl3c03g, intercom-session-ttl3c03g, intercom-device-id-ttl3c03g)
    • These cookies are used for maintaining communication with website users.

Do We Use Cookies Anywhere Else?

Our emails may incorporate a feature known as a “web beacon pixel” that enables us to ascertain whether our emails have been opened and if any links or advertisements within the email have been clicked.

We may leverage this information to deduce which of our emails engage our users the most and to check if users who aren’t opening our emails would still like to remain on our mailing list.

The web beacon pixel will be removed once you delete the email. If you prefer not to have the pixel downloaded onto your device, consider reading the email in plain text or disabling images.

We utilize cookies from Pardot to keep track of individual visitors’ browsing behavior on our website, such as pages viewed and the duration of each visit, enabling us to effectively gauge our website’s performance. We compile this information to enhance our website’s functionality.

Any personal information is stored in Pardot/Salesforce only when our visitors fill out a form, such as those used for event registration, contact/request forms, or for subscribing to our email communications.


Why do We Use Cookies?

Our cookie use isn’t just about indulging in digital treats. We use cookies to improve your online experience, ensure our website functions correctly, provide you with enhanced features, and analyse our website’s performance to make it better for you.

Also, cookies allow us to remember your preferences, so you don’t have to reset them every time you visit. And yes, we like to keep things sweet and simple.

How Can You Control Cookies?

If you wish to restrict, block or delete the cookies which are set by our website, you can do this through your browser settings. You can also visit for comprehensive information on how to do this on a wide variety of browsers.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding this cookie policy, please feel free to reach out to us:

  • Address: Majenta Solutions Ltd, 3 Argosy Court, Scimitar Way, Whitley Business Park, Coventry CV3 4GA
  • Phone: 024 7630 8500
  • Email:

Remember, just like in the world of baking, not all cookies are created equal. Some are essential to how our website works, while others simply add a little sweetness to your experience. So, go on, indulge a little – it’s all part of enjoying the full My MX Data experience.

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