MX’s collaborative features set our Data Exchange tool apart from clunky fileshares.

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We’ve adapted our favourite teamwork features to give you flexible Data Exchange with no loss of control.

MX Conversations.

A data-centric chat tool with a purpose.

  • Send data and discuss it with recipients in the same tool
  • Clarify details, timescale, project intentions and more
  • Discussions are paired with their data packages in searchable activity logs

Conversations maintains clear boundaries between transactions so vital details are not buried. Share a file, and use the transaction’s conversation to align stakeholders.

Linked transactions.

Connect related transactions and conversations.

Unlike other chat tools, an MX Conversation does not allow a second file to be sent in reply. 

Linked Transaction allows you to reply with another transaction which is connected to the first but retains its own identity.

Favourited recipient groups

Save time by favouriting groups of recipients in customised personal groups for regular sharing of project data.

Personal groups can include users from within your organisation as well as external users from your partners and suppliers. When it’s time to upload your data, the personal group can be selected as the recipient so that project data reaches all project participants. The recipient lists of your personal groups will only be visible to you.

Internal and external users

Invite suppliers and partners to exchange data securely.

Don’t stop with your own teams. 

Securely enrol your suppliers, partners and customers as external users even if they don’t have MX.

Give your entire supply chain or business network the benefits of enforced log-in, activity tracking, and no limits on file size or type.

Forward Data.

Get data to everyone who needs it and retain full control.

Need to copy someone else in? Simply access the transaction again, and add new recipients.

This is no email chain. MX forwarding is built around security and accountability. All forwarding activity is tracked, and must be enabled by the original sender.

Discover MX's main Send/Receive features.

Multiple ways to send data, delivery notifications, and no limits on file-size or file-type. Learn what makes MX industry-ready.

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