Share big data faster

Ultra-fast connectivity with upload/download speeds up to 700% faster than industry-leading competitors, regardless of file type.

Protect and control your IP

Protect your data with enterprise-grade 256-bit encryption and control automatic notifications, download limits & expiry dates.

Work better with your network

Create internal groups and external organisations, then invite users to create your very own customisable data distribution network.

The data exchange solution

MX enables collaboration with messaging and bi-directional exchange of big data between your organisation, your suppliers, and your colleagues which allows users to send and receive unlimited data between each other. Start managing your users within organisations and groups that suit your business logic. MX also allows you to take ownership of your data exchange with Host company branding, giving a professional look-and-feel for all users.


successful transactions

~ 1TB

exchanged every week


active companies

Enterprise-grade security

Our cutting-edge file encryption protects your IP when exchanging sensitive files, so you’ll never need to rely on couriers, disk, USBs, FTP sites and consumer-led web portals to share your data again. MX has been developed specifically to protect your valuable data with our superior closed network security and the ability to revoke user access and specific file access with user-level settings.

up to 700%

faster connection speeds

~ 2 mins

live-support response


server uptime

Create distribution networks for easy file sharing

MX gives you total control over your own distribution network, ensuring that your data is only ever accessed by authorised users. Grow your network organically as you invite your internal departments, your colleagues, your suppliers and any external stakeholder into one data exchange and collaboration environment.

Take control of the files you share

MX allows hosts and others within your distribution network to manage each file that is sent and received within the MX data exchange environment. Easily specify download limitations, setting personalised data transfers to your network.

Ensure your data is auditable and protected

Your data is a valuable business asset, so it’s vital to know where and when it’s being shared, and who is accessing it. MX not only protects the data you send, it also provides you with a list of administration features including a traceable audit trail which is easily exported into standardised reports with just one-click.

2,000+ businesses trust MX. Discover some of their use cases:

Why should you use MX?

Whether you’re looking to share and collaborate with big data, sensitive IP assets or large media files, MX has you covered. We allow you to manage, distribute and govern the data you send.

  • Unlimited data exchange
  • Customisable transactions
  • Automatic activity notifications
  • Password-protected system
  • Self-expiring transactions
  • Collaborate and share any file type
  • 256-bit end-to-end encryption
  • One-click audit logs
  • Fully-fledged admin abilities
  • UK based live customer support
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