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What Makes My MX Data Stand Out?

01. Unlimited File Size Transfer

MX allows you to send large files without size restrictions, unlike other platforms. Whether transferring massive datasets, high-definition media, or large software packages, MX ensures smooth and efficient data sharing, allowing your workflow to continue uninterrupted.

02. Ultra-Fast File Sharing

MX facilitates rapid data exchange between departments and teams through its robust send/receive functionalities. Efficiently and securely upload and transfer large files and folders.

03. Robust Security and Compliance

My MX Data provides superior security and complies with major standards such as GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, ITAR, and ISO 27001. We offer 256-bit AES encryption, detailed audit logs, and customisable data sovereignty. Our platform provides secure data transfers, strict access controls, and user authentication, helping businesses protect sensitive information, comply with regulations, and ensure accountability and transparency.

04. Anonymisation and Sharding

My MX Data’s top-tier product, MX Enterprise, offers excellent data security options specifically designed for small enterprises. It enhances your security by efficiently anonymising your data, dividing it into shards, and distributing them to different geographical places. The fragmented data is recovered and put back into its original, legible format.

Our exclusive technology makes unauthorised extraction impossible by guaranteeing complete secrecy throughout data transport. Additionally, our flexible approach respects users’ right to control the location of their data shards.

05. Streamlined Version Control

MX Distribute enables the streamlined dissemination of software updates and data packages. By eliminating the requirement to upload again, it guarantees that recipients consistently possess the most up-to-date versions, thereby streamlining the process of updating.

06. Advanced Collaboration Tools

MX makes collaborating on significant projects effortless. Facilitate collaboration, exchange crucial documents, and collect feedback efficiently, even when dealing with large amounts of data.

07. Data-Centric Chat

MX Conversations combines data storage and discussion, making project detail clarification, timelines, and objectives easier than ever before.

08. Customisable Security Settings

Adjust the expiration dates for file access, include comments, and personalise recipient lists and settings to guarantee the secure delivery of project data to the appropriate individuals. Oversee extensive and legally compliant data transfers in collaborative projects involving multiple companies, ensuring the protection of intellectual property.

09. Organised Data Distribution

Organise recipients by project, create favourite recipient groups, and manage an address book to make it easier to organise and distribute your data.

10. Linked Transactions

The Linked Transactions feature of MX is specifically designed to establish connections between transactions and conversations that are related, ensuring the integrity and control of data across various operations and departments.

11. Comprehensive User Management

Manage users across multiple teams or companies, with the ability to import and remove users in bulk or individually. Promote members to supervisory or administrative positions. Manage large-scale compliant data sharing across multiple companies, protecting intellectual property while maintaining security and accountability.

12. Robust Audit Trail

Streamline user management across multiple teams or organisations by allowing bulk or individual user additions and removals. Promote users to supervisory or administrative roles. Efficiently manage compliant data exchanges in multi-company projects while protecting intellectual property and maintaining accountability.

13. Instant Notifications

Receive notifications for data downloads, transaction comments, file access expiration, and pending downloads to help you collaborate more effectively.

14. Customisable Whitelabelling

Want a seamless brand experience? Customise your MX portal with your company’s logo, colours, and branding elements. Create a cohesive look that appeals to clients and enhances team collaboration.

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