Cloud Storage For Small Business (U.S.)

What Makes My MX Data Stand Out?

01. Unlimited File Size Transfer

MX allows for the seamless and efficient transfer of large files, eliminating any limitations on file size. This enables uninterrupted workflows when dealing with extensive datasets, high-quality media, and software packages.

02. Ultra-Fast File Sharing

Utilize MX to achieve rapid and efficient data sharing among teams and departments. Efficiently and expeditiously transmit sizable files and folder structures with enhanced send/receive functionalities, ensuring utmost security.

03. Robust Security and Compliance

MX Data guarantees high-level security and adherence to globally recognized standards including GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, ITAR, and ISO 27001, ensuring exceptional data protection and compliance. We employ 256-bit AES encryption, extensive audit logs, and flexible data sovereignty.

Our system offers robust data transfers with high levels of security, strict access controls, and comprehensive user authentication. These features assist businesses in safeguarding sensitive information, adhering to regulations, and ensuring accountability and transparency. As a result, overall trust in data security is enhanced.

04. Anonymisation and Sharding

My MX Data offers MX Enterprise which empowers businesses with data encryption like no other. It enhances your security by effectively anonymizing your data, slicing it into shards, and distributing them across multiple geographical locations.

The fragmented data is restored to its initial readable format upon retrieval. Unauthorized extraction is rendered futile by the absolute secrecy delivered during data transfer by means of our proprietary technology. In addition, our flexible system upholds the principle of data sovereignty by granting users the authority to determine the physical location of their data shards.

05. Streamlined Version Control

MX Distribute makes the process of releasing software updates and data packages efficient and hassle-free. Eliminate reuploads and ensure recipients always have the most recent versions.

06. Advanced Collaboration Tools

MX’s cloud storage solution for small businesses facilitates real-time collaboration among team members. Modify, add comments to, and update documents instantly to guarantee seamless project progression.

07. Data-Centric Chat

Improve your project communications with MX Conversations, a platform that combines data sharing and discussion. This enables effortless transmission of project details and time limits via a streamlined platform.

08. Customisable Security Settings

Alter the expiration dates for file access, include pertinent comments, and personalize recipient lists and settings to ensure the secure sharing of project data. Oversee the secure transfer of data between multiple companies in large-scale projects, ensuring the protection of intellectual property.

09. Organised Data Distribution

Organize recipients based on projects, establish preferred recipient groups, and maintain an address book to streamline data organization and distribution.

10. Linked Transactions

Have you ever pondered on the methods to preserve individuality in interconnected transactions within your organization? Linked Transactions enable seamless connections while preserving individual identities, ensuring the uniqueness of each transaction.

11. Comprehensive User Management

Oversee a heterogeneous user network spanning multiple teams or organizations. Perform bulk or individual user additions or removals, elevate members to supervisory positions, and effectively oversee extensive, compliant data transfers among multiple organizations to safeguard intellectual property and guarantee responsibility.

12. Robust Audit Trail

Facilitate the collaboration of a vast user network spanning multiple teams or businesses. Perform bulk or individual user additions and removals, allocate leadership roles as required, and oversee extensive and compliant data exchanges among multiple organizations, all while ensuring the protection and accountability of intellectual assets.

13. Instant Notifications

Ensure the smooth operation of your workflow by establishing notifications for completed data downloads, new comments, expired file access, and pending downloads.

14. Customisable Whitelabelling

Enhance your online visibility by personalizing MX with your company’s branding. Integrate your company’s logo, colors, and unique attributes into your portal to establish a polished interface that will capture the attention of clients and team members.

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