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What Makes My MX Data Stand Out?

01. Unlimited File Size Transfer

MX facilitates the transfer of sizable files without any restrictions on their size, enabling seamless and efficient transfer of extensive datasets, high-quality media, or software packages.

02. Ultra-Fast File Sharing

MX’s advanced send/receive features enable fast data transfer, enabling teams to securely exchange large files and folders at high velocities.

03. Robust Security and Compliance

MX Data offers top-notch security and compliance, adhering to major standards including GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, ITAR, and ISO 27001. Our security measures include the use of 256-bit AES encryption, comprehensive audit logs, and the ability to control the location of your data.

Our platform facilitates secure data transfers, enforces strict access controls, and implements thorough user authentication. This enables businesses to safeguard sensitive information, adhere to regulations, and uphold data integrity and transparency in their operations.

04. Anonymisation and Sharding

Users of file-sharing software can benefit from cutting-edge data protection provided by My MX Data’s flagship solution, MX Enterprise. It increases your security by transforming your data into an unrecognizable format, tearing it into fragments, and dispersing it over several geographical places.

The data is returned to its initial, readable state upon download. Thanks to our proprietary technology, every sent piece of data maintains full confidentiality, rendering any attempt at unauthorized access impossible. Additionally, our adaptable technology respects data sovereignty by letting users decide where to put their data pieces.

05. Streamlined Version Control

MX Distribute offers a streamlined approach to releasing software updates and data packages. Ensure all recipients have the most current versions without the need to reupload.

06. Advanced Collaboration Tools

MX’s advanced collaboration tools simplify large-scale data exchanges. These tools decrease the amount of administrative work and improve efficiency within the cloud storage system of your company.

07. Data-Centric Chat

MX Conversations, integrated within the file-sharing platform, enables effortless cooperation on sizable files. Exchange valuable information, engage in project discussions, and obtain clear explanations through an interface that is easy to use for users.

08. Customisable Security Settings

Customize the expiration dates for file access, include comments, and set up recipient lists and settings to guarantee the secure sharing of project data. Efficiently handle compliant data exchanges on a large scale in multi-company projects, protecting intellectual property.

09. Organised Data Distribution

Optimize your data storage and distribution process by organizing recipients based on projects, creating preferred recipient groups, and effectively managing an address book.

10. Linked Transactions

Have you ever encountered the need to establish connections between transactions, but were concerned about compromising their distinctiveness? Linked Transactions address this issue by preserving the distinctiveness of each transaction while seamlessly connecting them.

11. Comprehensive User Management

Interested in optimizing user management? Easily oversee a user base across multiple teams or organizations, with the ability to import or delete users in large quantities or individually. Elevate users to the roles of team leaders or administrators and supervise the secure exchange of data in multi-company projects, thereby guaranteeing the safeguarding of intellectual property and ensuring accountability.

12. Robust Audit Trail

Optimize user administration across multiple teams or organizations. By providing the ability to import or remove users in large quantities or individually, you can elevate users to the positions of team leaders or administrators. This allows you to effectively manage and supervise the sharing of data in multi-company projects, ensuring the protection of intellectual property and maintaining accountability.

13. Instant Notifications

Seeking to enhance the effectiveness of collaboration? Stay informed about data downloads, new transaction comments, expiring file access, and pending downloads by receiving alerts. This will help you stay organized and on top of your tasks.

14. Customisable Whitelabelling

Personalize MX to embody the distinctive essence of your brand. Utilize our whitelabeling functionality to customize your portal with your company’s logo, colors, and branding, guaranteeing a polished and uniform visual identity.

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About My MX Data
File Sharing Software: A Business Essential by My MX Data

In a time where information is pivotal to businesses, selecting the appropriate file sharing software can mark a significant transformation. My MX Data offers highly-rated, dependable file sharing solutions, meticulously designed for businesses, be it a compact enterprise or a global conglomerate. Our platform is laden with progressive features, earning it the accolade of the best-rated file sharing software for business.

At My MX Data, efficiency and protection are intertwined. Our business-centric file sharing software provides not only fluid data transfers but also brings forth top-tier security features. Seeking file sharing software that incorporates encryption? We have you encompassed. Our suite is adaptable for businesses of every scale and range, positioning us as a foremost entity in business file sharing software solutions.

Within the expansive realm of business-grade file sharing software, My MX Data is distinguished by its commitment to addressing the singular requirements of each business. Our assertions are backed by the consistent accolades and stellar reviews received by our award-winning software. My MX Data aspires to be your preferred associate, offering reliable, premium, and secure file sharing within the corporate sphere.

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