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What Makes My MX Data Stand Out?

01. Unlimited File Size Transfer

MX distinguishes itself by enabling the transfer of sizable files without any limitations on file size. MX ensures effortless and effective data sharing, guaranteeing a streamlined workflow when working with extensive datasets, high-resolution media, or large software packages.

02. Ultra-Fast File Sharing

MX’s high-speed send/receive capabilities enable teams and supply chains to efficiently and securely transfer data, facilitating seamless sharing of large files and folders.

03. Robust Security and Compliance

The MX Data platform excels in terms of its exceptional security measures and adherence to prominent regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, ITAR, and ISO 27001. We employ state-of-the-art 256-bit AES encryption, comprehensive audit logs, and flexible data sovereignty measures to ensure maximum security.

By implementing secure data transfers, enforcing strict access controls, and implementing comprehensive user authentication, businesses can protect their information, adhere to regulations, and uphold data integrity and transparency, thereby establishing a strong security framework.

04. Anonymisation and Sharding

MX Enterprise is an additional service offered by My MX Data which provides your organisation with data protection capabilities that are unmatched. For increased security, it conceals your data by fragmenting it and distributing it across multiple geographical locations.

The data is reassembled into its initial, comprehensible format upon retrieval. By utilising our patented technology, the confidentiality of any transferred data is ensured, rendering unauthorised extraction impossible. Moreover, in accordance with the principle of data sovereignty, our flexible system permits users to specify the location of their data fragments.

05. Streamlined Version Control

MX Distribute offers a streamlined solution for the effective distribution of software updates and data packages. By removing the act of uploading again, it guarantees that recipients will consistently have access to the most recent editions.

06. Advanced Collaboration Tools

MX enables effortless cooperation on extensive projects. Effectively synchronize endeavors, exchange vital documents, and acquire input, even when dealing with intricate data collections.

07. Data-Centric Chat

MX Conversations functions as a centralized platform for exchanging information and engaging in discussions, enabling you to effortlessly communicate project specifics, schedules, and objectives with recipients.

08. Customisable Security Settings

Customize the expiration dates for file access, include comments, and customize recipient lists and settings for secure sharing of project data. Supervise the implementation of data exchanges that adhere to regulations on a large scale in projects involving multiple companies, ensuring the protection of intellectual property.

09. Organised Data Distribution

In order to enhance the distribution of project data, it is recommended to classify recipients based on the project, establish preferred recipient groups, and effectively manage your address book.

10. Linked Transactions

The Linked Transactions functionality of MX permits the linking of discussions and transactions while maintaining the unique identity of each individual transaction.

11. Comprehensive User Management

Are you seeking to streamline user administration? Efficiently oversee a heterogeneous user population spanning multiple teams or organizations. Perform bulk or individual user additions or removals, elevate users to supervisory roles, and supervise extensive, compliant data transfers to safeguard and trace intellectual property.

12. Robust Audit Trail

MX offers an extensive audit trail that records the unique login information of every user, with the intention of enhancing transparency and accountability. This functionality is critical in guaranteeing maximum data security and complying with regulatory requirements within the cloud storage ecosystem of your organization.

13. Instant Notifications

Ensure the smooth operation of your workflow by establishing notifications for completed data downloads, new comments, expired file access, and pending downloads. By following this approach, you can effectively oversee tasks and prevent any possible setbacks.

14. Customisable Whitelabelling

Desire a uniform and polished appearance? Personalize MX to reflect your company’s identity by utilizing our whitelabeling feature, which allows you to customize your portal with your company’s logo, colors, and branding. Enhance the perception of clients and elevate team motivation by adopting a cohesive brand appearance.

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