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What Makes My MX Data Stand Out?

01. Unlimited File Size Transfer

MX allows for the seamless transfer of large files without any concerns about size restrictions. This feature guarantees the seamless and uninterrupted transfer of large datasets, high-resolution media, or software packages, thereby ensuring efficient workflows.

02. Ultra-Fast File Sharing

The send/receive features of MX facilitate rapid and secure data transfers, enabling teams and departments to swiftly share sizable files and folders with exceptional velocity.

03. Robust Security and Compliance

My MX Data is dedicated to maintaining top-notch security and adheres to industry standards including GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, ITAR, and ISO 27001. Our services include robust 256-bit AES encryption, thorough audit logs, and the ability to customize data sovereignty.

Our framework facilitates secure data transfers, enforces stringent access controls, and implements thorough user authentication. This enables businesses to safeguard sensitive data, adhere to regulations, and uphold transparency and accountability in their data management procedures.

04. Anonymisation and Sharding

My MX Data’s flagship service, MX Enterprise, offers unmatched data protection measures for safe data storage. Your data is further secured by the service, which anonymizes it into an unintelligible format before fragmenting it and sending it to several locations.

The data is reconstructed back into its original, understandable state upon download. By utilising our exclusive technology, data is conveyed with unbreakable confidentiality, making unauthorized decoding unfeasible. Furthermore, our adaptable technology respects users’ right to control the placements of their data fragments.

05. Streamlined Version Control

With MX Distribute, you can easily manage the release of software updates and data packages. Ensure everyone has access to the latest versions without the need to reupload.

06. Advanced Collaboration Tools

The tools offered by MX enhance the efficiency of data sharing and administrative tasks, making them an ideal choice for small businesses seeking to optimize their workflow.

07. Data-Centric Chat

MX Conversations streamlines communication and collaboration by integrating data storage and discussion, providing an easy way to oversee project details, timelines, and objectives.

08. Customisable Security Settings

Customize the expiration dates for file access, include comments, and modify recipient lists and settings to ensure secure sharing of project data. Efficiently oversee compliant data exchanges in multi-company projects, ensuring the security of intellectual property.

09. Organised Data Distribution

MX improves the level of secure cooperation with external partners to facilitate the exchange of data between businesses. Organize recipients based on projects, establish preferred recipient groups, and efficiently manage your address book to facilitate smooth data sharing.

10. Linked Transactions

Are you seeking to maintain the distinctiveness of each transaction while connecting them in your workflow? Linked Transactions allow for the efficient linking of interconnected operations and conversations while preserving separate identities.

11. Comprehensive User Management

Optimize your user administration process. Efficiently oversee users across multiple teams or companies by effortlessly importing or removing users in bulk or individually. Facilitate the advancement of individuals to supervisory roles and oversee the secure and accountable exchange of compliant data among multiple organizations on a large scale.

12. Robust Audit Trail

Our robust audit trail, which documents the distinct login credentials of every external user, is a feature of our secure storage solution that guarantees accountability, transparency, and improved data integrity.

13. Instant Notifications

Improve team collaboration by receiving notifications for downloaded data, new comments on transactions, expired file access, and pending downloads.

14. Customisable Whitelabelling

Personalize your MX portal by incorporating your company’s logo, colors, and branding elements to imbue it with a distinct identity. Establish a polished and cohesive image that is attractive to both clients and team members.

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About My MX Data
Your Business Data, Safeguarded: My MX Data’s Secure Storage Solutions

In a time where data forms the foundation of every enterprise, secure data storage is crucial. My MX Data amplifies your data protection approach, delivering adaptable and secure storage solutions tailored to your business needs. Our platform grants dependable access to your files, enveloped in multiple security layers, guaranteeing your peace of mind.

With the expansion of your business comes the increase in your data storage requirements. From basic file repositories to intricate data arrays, we offer customizable solutions adapted to your business scale and sector. What distinguishes us? It’s not merely about providing storage; it’s about constructing a sanctuary for your data, designed to maintain your business’s seamless operation.

Release your data storage concerns with My MX Data. We are more than just a digital safe; we are an all-encompassing service refining your overall data management strategy. Welcome a new paradigm in business data storage—reachable, yet unbreachable. Discover the power of genuinely secure storage with My MX Data today.

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