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Envisage | MX

Bringing together a successful bespoke engineering services company

Enivsage Group are dedicated to delivering quality solutions and are well-known by its primary client base, the prestigious OEMs and vehicle manufacturers, for the expertise and tailored service delivery that they offer. Combining traditional manufacturing excellence with advanced technologies, Envisage deliver exceptional value with their professional solutions and consultancy.

Getting to know MX

In pursuit of their vision to become “the world’s most successful bespoke engineering services company”, Envisage no longer relies on portable hard drives and FTP sites that weren’t always accessible to the firm’s clients. After learning about MX, Envisage decided to try the browser-based application for sharing data with some of their colleagues, and quickly saw that they were able to exchange large files much more easily, and were more organised overall.

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“I would highly recommend MX to anyone looking to send and receive secure data quickly and efficiently.”

– Daniel Francis, Project Engineer at Envisage Group

Growing a data exchange and collaboration network with ease

Since MX was introduced, Envisage has seen nothing but success with the popular data exchange tool. Clients love that they can release the latest information so quickly, and they appreciate how easy it is to share updated data with Envisage. Growing their data exchange network so effortlessly has been a huge factor in rolling it out internally and externally. Daniel explains, “We are able to transfer data to any customer or partner with ease because of its simple enrolment and invitation system”. He goes on to say, “The application hugely benefits us as it allows practically anyone to send or receive data within the business without a lengthy registration system. Being able to monitor users and a live data register really helps”. There’s no going back to the dark days of clunky FTP sites and expensive courier solutions. Envisage are looking forward to continuing to grow their company’s network with MX, and take advantage of the new upgrades and features being rolled out frequently. Asked how he felt about the package as a whole, Daniel said, “I would highly recommend MX to anyone looking to send and receive secure data quickly and efficiently.”

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