Making exchange, easy.

With an assigned success manager, customisable services & on-going
live support, we work hard to solve your business solutions.

  • Unlimited data exchange

    There are no limits or caps, you can share as much data as you need, always.

  • Share all file types and folders

    With MX you can you exchange all file types - even entire folder directories.

  • Distribute versioned data

    Set up large transactions with multiple versions over a longer period of time.

  • 256-bit end-to-end encryption

    Protect sensitive company files with enterprise-grade security features.

  • Automatic activity notifications

    Get instantly notified throughout the sharing process with automatically generated emails.

  • One-click audit logs

    Keep track of your network's activity and generate CSVs and PDFs instantly.

  • Self-expiring transactions

    Customise every transaction to expire after a period of time, with its own download limit.

  • Admin accounts

    Manage your network membership and take control of sharing and security settings.

  • Live customer support

    Get answers to your questions instantly via chat and priority phone support.

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Send and receive data with ease

No limits. Send what you need with MX.

Send and receive data from a simple and customisable interface. Your MX dashboard is the gateway to fast data exchange, easy administration and reporting, as well as fast collaboration features. MX’s bi-directional send/receive functionality is unlimited, so you can send as much data as you like, in any format.

Review, collaborate & make decisions

Expedite decision-making and become more cost-effective

Be in control of your file transfer platform and send files to individuals, or all parties, simultaneously. Keep up-to-date with automatic email notifications and monitor recipient actions and comments. Start participating in a company-wide collaboration network and accelerate your project decision making.

Download screen
Manage Users screen

Multiple users, multiple businesses

Flexible user groups for complex business logic

Manage users, work for suppliers and have suppliers work for you - all within one easy-to-use platform.
Create and manage your entire supply-chain with customisable external organisations, and create your own personal distribution groups for an effective workflow.

Managed data exchange

Giving you total control at all times

Send data to unlimited multiple recipients simultaneously, then manage them individually and easily control notifications, download limits and expiry dates. With MX, an assigned success manager does the heavy lifting for you, from discussing on-boarding best practices to providing resources for a successful deployment.

Send data screen
Choose Organisation screen

Multiple companies? No problem

Work with multiple companies from one account

Whether you’re providing or receiving a service, or both, quickly switch states for a smooth workflow transition. Customisable brand colours and logos allow easy differentiation of environments. Easily work with multiple teams, colleagues and suppliers. Start viewing, managing and sharing files from a single interface.

Send any file or folder

Most data exchange or file transfer platforms only let you send files. With MX you can exchange all file types, even complex folders, ensuring that you can work efficiently on the files you need to complete tasks and projects. MX has been designed to work for all industries and workplace environments.

Send any file type
  •  Send

    Send as much data as you like, within one, easy-to-use environment.

  •  Receive

    Receive any type of file from your network quickly and easily.

  •  NEW   Distribute

    Send big data to multiple users with full versioning and traceability.

  •  Data Services

    Does your CAD data need to be OEM compliant? We can help.MX+

Start exchanging data securely