MX’s features balance a hassle-free experience – for users working across multiple projects – with the security and control your company needs to share intellectual property safely.

Send/Receive features

The core of your MX experience. Securely share large technical files and folder systems, and distribute data packages with full version control.

Teamwork features

Collaborative functionality sets MX apart. Discuss your data in the place where it’s shared, reply to file share transactions, and save recipients by project.

Security features

Data transfers are protected by technical safeguards, fine-level user/data access controls, and a granular audit trail which records all activity for dispute resolution.

Send/Receive features

Our Send/Receive features are what make MX industry-ready, built to handle high volumes of technical data across teams, departments and entire supply chains.

Send data

Receive data

Distribute data

Forward data

Send data.

Internally and across your supply chain.

  • Ultra-fast upload
  • Any file type
  • Any file size
  • Send folders and zip files
  • Add comments
  • Set file-access expiry
  • Send internally and externally from one dashboard

Receive Data.

From trusted sources anywhere in the world.

  • Email notification when your data arrives
  • User-specific download links
  • Sender notified when data downloaded
  • Only receive data from approved contacts

One convenient location to download data from colleagues and other companies. All users must log in to download, which means no exponential link sharing, and no untracked

Distribute data.

A mechanism for version control and releasing

MX Distribute allows you to efficiently release software updates and data packages to a supply chain or large changing audience, without reuploading for new recipients. Monitor the uptake of your update, safe in the knowledge that users can only ever access the latest version.

Forward Data.

Get data to everyone who needs it and retain full control.

Need to copy someone else in? Simply access the transaction again, and add new recipients.

This is no email chain. MX forwarding is built around security and accountability. All forwarding activity is tracked, and must be enabled by the original sender.

Collaborative features for better data exchange.

Customisable groups, address books, avatars and more. We’ve selected our favourite teamwork features and used them for our own goal: better data exchange for your business.

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