Share confidential data with perfect secrecy

MX ASR is an auditable file sharing system which allows confidential data to be shared with perfect secrecy, meaning that if a data transfer is intercepted none of the original information can be extracted. This would be mathematically impossible. 

Why share confidential data with MX ASR?

MX ASR is the only B2B file sharing system that uses the patented ASR process (Anonymise, Shard, Restore) to unlock convenient cloud based file sharing for nationally or societally vital data. 

With data from confidential designs to reports and employee personal details firmly regarded as the ‘new oil’, businesses can prevent costly breaches in advance by choosing a method of data sharing appropriate to the value of the information being shared.  

What is the ASR process and how does it keep high-value data transfers safe? 

Share confidential data and collaborate with accountability

MX ASR includes industry-ready data exchange functionality to help you share high-volumes of data with a managed group of ‘need-to-know’ stakeholders anywhere in the world. 

Major manufacturers trust our data exchange features. Discover how MX ASR lets you: share data with no file size limits; discuss your data where you share it; distribute version-controlled datasets; control and audit all activity, and more.

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Choose your endpoints, stay in control and compliant

MX ASR secures data transfers by sending them in an anonymised shard state via four (standard configuration) geographically separate endpoints, where your data-at-rest waits safely for download by your recipient. 

When MX ASR is set up for your requirements, you can choose to locate your shards on trusted cloud service provider infrastructure, and even opt to situate one or more shards on-premise. 

The data centres/on-premise infrastructure at each location will have their own firewalls and security. 


Complementing traditional cyber security

In the event that the firewalls and standard encryption around any MX ASR Shard (see above video) is breached, it would be mathematically impossible for the attacker to extract any intelligible information since anonymisation + sharding ensures perfect secrecy. 
Perfect secrecy is a property according to which an encrypted message provides no information about the original data.  

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Remove the risk of ‘lawful access’ to your data abroad

MX ASR allows you to share data safe in the knowledge that malicious state actors cannot access the transferred data through legislation resembling the US CLOUD Act, Patriot Act etc. Wherever your four (exact number decided by customer) shards are located, as long as one shard is sent via an endpoint in your home territory you will retain sole access to the information as well as full data sovereignty. With governments around the world drafting data requisition legislation, protecting your data where it passes through foreign cloud infrastructure can give you confidence of your own data sovereignty in a changing legal and technological landscape.

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Prove beyond doubt when data was transferred

All activity in MX ASR is tracked and logged in a searchable audit trail showing what data was sent to what recipient and IP address, when and by whom. Filter by date range, transaction type and user to track sensitive files and resolve disputes.

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Revoke access to any file or remove any user

All file transfers can only be downloaded by the specified recipient(s), and access automatically expires after set number of days. The platform allows you to block access to individual files or even revoke access for specific users if a risk is identified.


Govern responsible file sharing across multiple companies

Contacts at other supplier and partner companies must be brought inside your MX ASR environment and given a user identity to exchange data. Fully accountable admin and supervisor users can monitor organisation and team activity so that no data transfer enters or leaves your company without your knowledge.

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The ASR process: independently verified technology

Ministry of Defence

UK Ministry of Defence

Data experts were unable to extract any usable information whatsoever from any ASR Shard.

A UK University Professor of Computer Science and Cybersecurity

Extensive research determined that brute force attacks against anonymised and sharded data would be unsuccessful since the ASR process provides perfect secrecy against a threat actor having access to at most n-1 out of n shards. The same research indicated that data protected by the ASR process would have immunity to brute force attacks even when powered by a sufficiently powerful quantum computer. 

Defence and Security Accelerator

The UK Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA)

Stated that the ASR process is “a game changing cloud-based innovation providing the highest level of security on the global market.”

What is perfect secrecy?

Perfect secrecy is a property according to which an encrypted message provides no information about the original data. This property is proven to be information-theoretically secure by Claude Shannon, author of Communication Theory of Secrecy Systems.

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