What is MX distribute?

Distribute is a mechanism for regular sharing of data with a changing audience within MX. Distribute works differently from a standard MX transaction, making it ideal for version control and software updates.

How does distribute work?

A dedicated distribution can be set up for a specific data package where multiple successive versions need to shared efficiently with a large or changing audience.

Version control
Designate a specific distribution for a specific data package. When data package 2.0 is available, add a ‘new version’ to the distribution to share the latest version. Recipients will only ever have access to the newest version of the data.

Expandable audience
A distribution will save its list of recipients (from 1 to 700+), so you know that the right people are included. Adding and removing recipients is easy.

Faster wide-scale distribution
Distribution files do not expire. If a new partner or supplier missed the original upload, simply add them as a recipient and they gain version-controlled access.

MX ASR Data Exchange Dashboard - VPN installer

Why is this a powerful feature?

Monitor distribution progress
Monitor exactly which recipients have downloaded the latest version. For important data, you can see what proportion of your supply chain, partner network or ecosystem has acted on your update, and then strive for 100%.

Delegate responsibility
Key users can be promoted to Distribution Supervisor – assign a data-relevant colleague to control the recipient list as well as data versioning.

Efficiently distribute to a changing audience
Distribute allows your organisation to ensure that all suppliers, partners or customers on a changing recipient list are working with the latest version of key data.

My business has MX Distribute: how do I get started?

Each distribution is initially created by an MX admin user, who can assign the distribution to you as that distribution’s ‘supervisor’. You will then be able to set the recipient list to suit your needs (for example, to include all participants of a given project.)

To find out who your MX admin user is, visit ‘Account Information’ under ‘Settings’ and ask them to create your distribution.

Can I use MX distribute for my organisation?

Current MX customers

Yes you can! If enabled. Your admin can tell you whether distribute is available to your organisation.

External MX users

Yes you can, if a full MX user (like an OEM) has invited you to their distribution. To create distributions for your own supply chain, talk to us about upgrading.

Future MX customers

Yes you can! Let us know and we’ll enable this when you sign up.


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