MX is configured to protect business interests by transporting sensitive data securely. A multi-strategy approach guards your data – or your clients’ data – from threats, leaks and their costs. In your MX environment, you stay in control.

Data security

256-bit encryption, cipher block chaining, and optional next-generation ASR protection secure your data in transit and at rest.


Track and audit activity

Search, filter and export from a detailed audit trail to oversee all transactions, resolve disputes and champion accountability.


Stay in control

MX’s fine-level user/data management allows you to regulate the movement of sensitive data. Accountable admin users, revocable file access and more ensure responsible data sharing.

Data security: robust multi-level protection for file transfers.

Data security

MX encrypts data in transit by providing up to 256-bit AES encryption along with support for forward secrecy, ensuring
that deciphering intercepted information is impossible now and in the future. 256-bit AES encryption and dynamic key management ensure every access is logged, providing full auditing. Cipher block chaining is used for symmetric encryption of files at rest.

Cloud-level security

MX is trusted by thousands of professionals for extremely rigorous security measures. Reliable, resilient and robust architecture ensures MX services are always available to users. Data is secured at all layers, including network and application levels, to ensure end-to-end security for sensitive and valuable corporate information.

User security

Complex password rules are in place, with checks to ensure no password re-use or repeating patterns. Time-out for failed passwords grows exponentially to prevent brute force attacks. Data can only be shared with MX users with accounts and account creation can only be completed by your organization’s MX administrators if required

Physical security

MX uses Amazon Web Services data centres that maintain stringent physical security measures and certifications and offer physical controls to mitigate environmental risks. AWS monitors all operational systems 24x7x365.


MX’s security measures meet stringent compliance requirements and allow organizations to meet a number of industry regulations as they extend their IT infrastructure into the cloud. MX is hosted on extremely secure AWS infrastructure. AWS computing environments are continuously audited, with certifications from accreditation bodies across geographies and verticals, including ISO 27001, FedRAMP, DoD CSM, and PCI DSS.i

Anonymisation + Sharding

Opt for our MX ASR product to secure your data transfers with patented technology. The ASR process anonymises your data into an unrecognisable format, before splitting into discrete datasets (shards) which are then distributed between geographically separate endpoints. Each endpoint will have it's own traditional security measures to protect each shard, and absolutely no data can be extracted without simultaneous access to all shards. This would be mathematically impossible.

Immunity to quantum-based brute force attacks.

Anonymisation + Sharding = Perfect Secrecy.

Opt for our MX ASR product to secure your data transfers with patented technology that geographically distributes your data as anonymous shards to achieve the cryptographical property of perfect secrecy. As a result of this protocol, it would be mathematically impossible for a threat actor to extract any useable information whatsoever from an intercepted shard.

Global network

Comprehensive activity tracking and audit functionality.

We understand that your business or supplier network could span countries, continents or the entire globe. Your data is your most precious asset, and MX’s industry-trusted activity logging can assure you that your IP is being properly handled on every site and project phase.

Monitor all activity.

Senders and recipients must log in, so no data can enter or leave your business without your admin user knowing exactly who was involved.

“As system administrator I have a global view of every piece of information that has been sent and received, I can check that everything is moving along fine. For example, if a member of the team is away I can monitor all the relevant notifications and we always get an automated message from the system if data has not been downloaded.”
– Ian Blundell, Senior Engineer at EATON

The activity log page in MX showing past data transfers

Searchable audit trail.

Search, filter and examine all past activity in granular detail for accountability and prevention of legal disputes.

  • All transaction information is logged for future retrieval
  • Logged data includes sender/recipients, IP addresses, companies involved, forwarding (if enabled), and who downloads what
  • MX Conversations are logged with the data they refer to
  • Search and filter records by file name and more
  • File names in .ZIP files are searchable
  • Filter and export records as CSV or PDF
The activity log page in MX showing past data transfers

Stay in control.

MX allows you to release sensitive data to ‘need-to-know’ stakeholders in a controlled way. Data sharing controls can be activated before and after sending, and accountable admin users are equipped to ensure responsible data exchange through user-base governance.

Powerful sending controls.

Specify at the outset how recipients can interact with your data.

  • Set automatic file access expiry
  • Recipients cannot see each other unless you allow them to
  • Limit the number of downloads per recipient
  • Forwarding is switched off by default, until enabled on a per transaction basis


Screenshot of a 'send data' options menu

Fine-level user access management.

Manage users to control who can download what data.

Access to data in MX can be revoked by the sender at the click of a button. Make any file inaccessible to specific users who move to different projects.

Admin users can easily block specific users to from the system to ensure a trustworthy, and up-to-date user-base.



Accountable admin users.

Govern responsible data exchange.

MX’s admin users are empowered to ensure data sharing best practice, and facilitate painless secure file sharing.

  • Blacklist malicious file extensions
  • Oversee all activity
  • Access data for users on annual leave
  • Add/remove users, individually and in bulk
  • Promote/demote users and supervisors

All admin activity is logged in MX’s audit trail, which cannot be deleted. 

Hands typing

Delegate to MX supervisors.

Oversee data sharing for a team or whole company.

Team leaders can be promoted to ‘supervisor’ in MX, allowing them to share the admin’s responsibility of oversight and to ensure that team deliverables are met.

Supervisors can see all transaction activity, ensuring visibility of all data sharing.

All supervisor activity is logged in MX’s audit trail, which cannot be deleted. 

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Secure send/receive features

The core of your MX experience. Securely share large technical files and folder systems, and distribute data packages with full version control.


Collaborative features

Collaborative functionality sets MX apart. Discuss your data in the place where it’s shared, reply to file share transactions, and save recipients by project.