We are committed to continually improve MX for a better business file sharing experience. Check back here for the latest update notes. Any questions? Contact us here.

24th November

• Recent users list is now dynamic to display more relevant recipients/participants.
• Search tool is now enhanced to show more relevant recipients.

27th October

 (MX+) Data request form simplified – users can request data for/from different PLM systems from the same form, with more support from Majenta Data Services.
(MX+) Streamlined assignment of tickets.
 (MX+) Ticket cancellation request workflow enhanced.

25th August

Bulk user removal added 
This new functionality will allow more efficient governance of your user-base.
 MX admins can now remove lists of users in bulk.
• This can be based on custom criteria (e.g. no longer active, left the business, project closed).
• For MX admin users, this is available under ‘My team > Manage users’.

21st June

Transaction activity dashboard  
MX’s main dashboard now features a panel showing activity on your transactions (I.e. for which you are the sender.) Stay informed of recent comments, downloads and forwards on your transactions.

Have you heard of MX Conversations?

MX now allows you to communicate about your data in the place where data is shared.

Share key details, clarifications and next steps for your data, with your data. Conversations is a Premium feature.