MX in the news: Just Auto. Data security in the automotive industry

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MX in the news: Just Auto. Data security in the automotive industry

MX ASR has been featured in a Just Auto article in which Simon Ordish (Director) shares Majenta’s outlook on the widespread theft of intellectual property within the automotive industry. The article highlights how the unique and newly developed sharing technology of MX ASR could be a solution to this issue as it allows complete anonymisation when moving data and securely.

Cybersecurity, the article explains, has become a significant issue for the automotive industry in recent times with Toyota shutting down 14 production lines in March due to a data breach. Simon Ordish explains that “threats rarely manifest when data is at rest, but when it is being moved from one place to another”.

Majenta hopes MX ASR, with its ground-breaking patented technology, will change the landscape of commercial and industrial data integrity, delivering a new generation of impenetrable security.

Rather than simply encrypting a file, sending it and then de-encrypting it, MX ASR (an auditable b2b data sharing tool) anonymisation and sharding technology breaks the file down into smaller components and transmits each one independently. The components are transmitted using different routing paths before they re-assemble upon receipt. Each shard is anonymous and any that are intercepted will have no data integrity and cannot be opened independently of the other shards.

The ASR process has been assessed by the UK Ministry of Defence. It was also identified that the ASR process would be immune to quantum computing-based brute force attacks. This would provide security against “a threat actor having access to anything less than the total number of shards”.

The article outlines the scale of the theft of intellectual property problem by explaining that a 2021 survey by CyberWare identified that of the 14 OEMs responsible for $1.1 trillion in annual car industry revenue, over 800,000 unprotected documents were hosted on exposed servers, clouds and databases, with 215,000 employees having exposed or compromised credentials.

MX ASR has the ability to be applied to wider industries outside of automotive data, any engineering-based industry that operates within a tiered supply chain dispersed across many geographical locations will face the same challenges.

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