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Supporting an agile supply chain with MX Data Exchange

Varroc Lighting Systems is a global automotive supplier providing custom design solutions and innovative product development for exterior vehicle lighting systems. Varroc works with automotive OEMs and suppliers across the world to deliver innovative exterior lighting, with key technologies including matrix lamps, adaptive driving beam (ADB), LED lamps, organic light-emitting diodes or OLEDs and electronic control modules.

MX Data Exchange – Majenta Solutions’ own platform – proved to be the right tool to upgrade data exchange for Varroc, overcoming technical challenges to help Varroc achieve their mission of speed and agility.

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Business Challenges

  • Exchange of data via an FTP server was causing business-impacting delays
  • FTP server limited the size of transferred files, forcing users to break CAD packages into instalments

As automotive supply chains become more demanding, ensuring that data can be exchanged quickly and without obstruction is key to staying effective. The way we handle data must evolve alongside product innovation.

Varroc were using an FTP server to exchange data, a method which slows down data exchange for users and the supply chain due to the technical limitations – and due to the requirement for the overhead of IT resource. Limits on the sizes of files which could be transferred forced Varroc users to break CAD structures and other large file types into smaller packages. Any large transfer would have to be made in instalments, using valuable time and energy which could be better spent elsewhere.

Though viable when exchanging data with other users in the same physical location, an FTP server’s performance can be limited when data needs to be transferred offsite – where slower infrastructure would slow data exchange in the supply chain.

Aside from speed, FTP servers only allow limited management of shared data and the data audit trail. Visibility of what data is being sent where, and which parties are downloading it is very restricted.

The Majenta Solution

  • MX Data Exchange – a platform which allows fast secure bi-directional data exchange with no maximum limit on file sizes

Majenta provided MX – their data exchange solution – to overcome FTP limitations and empower Varroc Lighting Systems with fast and efficient data exchange.

Crucially for Varroc, MX has no maximum file size limit, making it ideal for exchanging CAD data and large data packages. Regardless of file type, MX’s upload and download speeds are up to 700% faster than industry-leading competitors. Cutting edge 256-bit end-to-end encryption make the platform ideal for secure transfer of intellectual property, a significant upgrade from an FTP server.

MX also provides a high level of visibility and control over data across the supply chain. One-click audit logs and powerfully searchable transaction histories allow transfers and subsequent downloads to be reviewed in granular detail. Download limits and expiry dates provide enhanced control over data at all times.

No IT resource is required to set up, maintain or administer the MX data transfer solution, which frees IT staff for more productive work. All tasks can be handled by engineering departmental staff and Majenta’s helpdesk provides high-quality support which was all part of the solution for Varroc.

Business Impact

  • Time and energy saved – users no longer had to send large files in multiple transfers
  • Seamlessly connected to external partners by bi-directional data exchange

By adopting MX as their data exchange solution, Varroc and their partners have eliminated the ‘dead-time’ created by FTP shortcomings. Because MX does not place a limit on the size of transferred files, Varroc no longer had to break large packages into instalments, and other suppliers on the receiving end no longer had to spend time reassembling them.

Having initially encountered MX as Jaguar Land Rover’s method of sharing software upgrades with engineering suppliers, Varroc have had great success adopting the platform as their own data exchange solution – giving them bi-directional data exchange.

“We had full confidence that this was the tool for our needs, and our business team have implemented MX as our standard process for exchanging data with external partners.”

– David Janeček, Senior EIT Specialist

Taking full advantage of unobstructed and ultra-fast exchange, Varroc have made 20,471 transactions (and counting). They are now fully connected to 603 external users across 429 companies in 37 countries.

With MX connecting Varroc globally, they are well-placed to pursue their mission to create leading-edge automotive lighting technology.

Keys to Success

  • No limits on file size or type
  • Intuitive interface, usable without training
  • Runs entirely on browsers – does not require extra IT infrastructure or time

MX’s unlimited file size for transfers is a powerful time-saving factor…but is not the only way that MX reclaims valuable time from the data exchange process. MX is designed to be highly intuitive to the user, and can be used effectively without training. Users across an organisation can get started quickly, with the length of the initial learning-phase dramatically reduced for all involved.

Just as importantly for Varroc, MX’s interface is built with HTML5, and runs entirely in the browser. This means that MX can be implemented without additional IT infrastructure. IT work that would otherwise be necessary, such as software upgrades, is less likely to entangle IT resources or delay time-sensitive CAD transfers.

It was important to Majenta that Varroc could enjoy maximum benefits from MX, and Varroc were impressed by the support provided with the platform.

“The quality of support from Majenta Solutions, who were always available to support our adoption, made the process a real success. The MX team had resources ready to guide our colleagues during implementation. Support was excellent, and was provided whenever it was needed.”

– Janeček adds.

Working with Majenta

Varroc were very encouraged by the experience, which has paved the way for working with Majenta in future.
MX Data Exchange can lead to a bespoke MX+ solution for complex needs.
Having enjoyed a successful working relationship with Majenta while implementing MX Data Exchange, Varroc Lighting Systems have a positive outlook on the future of the relationship.

“We would be happy to work with Majenta again in future, and on the strength of recent experience I would recommend Majenta to anyone considering MX for Data Exchange.”

– Says Janeček.

Majenta Solutions are pleased to have supported unobstructed data exchange and the streamlining of Varroc’s supply chain, and would look forward to working with Varroc again. Though it is a powerful tool independently, MX Data Exchange can serve as a starting point for further enhancements. A company like Varroc can benefit from an MX+ service, which allows bespoke data services to be delivered within the MX platform.

When data exchange becomes more complicated than a standard data transfer, MX+ allows discussion and additional information capture around the transferred object in order to eliminate doubt.

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